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Adult Industry Insights from XBiz Show 2016

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People periodically send me letters asking how they can be me. I don’t know that being me is always totally awesome, although I wouldn’t trade with anyone else. But I do know that the #1 piece of advice I would give anyone seeking to innovate is to go to trade shows in lots of different […]

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16th Cybersocket Awards 2016

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Forrest Black and I had the pleasure of attending the Cybersocket Awards again this year. This event has such a great energy and is always so much fun. Rather than having people sitting stiffly at tables, Cybersocket has everyone in a nightclub atmosphere where it is easy to mingle and get drinks. The ceiling of […]

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GothicSluts.com Nominated for Adult Site of the Year – Niche

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I am super duper excited to share that GothicSluts.com is nominated for Adult Site of the Year – Niche in the XBiz Awards! GothicSluts.com celebrates the darkly seductive style of those pale skinned beauties you find in dark smoky nightclubs with good music, in dominatrix dungeons, at cemetery picnics, and at home with candles, good […]

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Blue Blood Exhibiting at HorrorCon Right Now

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Things Could Be Worse

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The folks from Calamity Ware are doing their 10th Kickstarter. Artist Don Moyer is known for making traditional white China with a blue glaze and outlandish designs. I kinda love that, at first glance, the items are traditional and wholesome. But, upon closer examination, you find monsters and killer robots and things on fire. I’ve […]

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BLT Hits New Issues Stretch Goal! 6 Minutes Left

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Stretch goal #1 unlocked! You backer folks will all get a new BLT, in addition to all your other goodies from all tiers at contributor or above! A couple days ago, I was super worried BLT might not hit its goal at all, so, although I had a little chart of possible stretch goals, I […]

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University Students Studying BLT, Radical Politics, and Social Class

- by in Books, Headline

Students at University of Arizona are reading about BLT for class. This is definitely one of the more amusing things I found while doing research on Black Leather Times for the BLT Kickstarter (less than 48 hours left, eep!) For one of his courses, Professor Malcolm Alan Compitello at University of Arizona assigns Chapter 8 […]

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Wax Trax Documentary and T-shirts

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I’ve been so overwhelmed with work for the BLT Kickstarter that I almost forgot to mention that I backed the Wax Trax Kickstarter almost a month ago. There are only 5 hours left in the Wax Trax project’s funding, so get over there right now and check it out. The Wax Trax roster was incredibly […]

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400 Page BLT Book & Tshirts is a Kickstarter Staff Pick

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Whoo-hoo! I’m excited that the BLT book and T-shirts project is a Kickstarter Staff Pick. I’m feeling all validated and stuff :-)

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BLT on Zine Wiki

- by in Books

As I continue to delve into internet records of BLT, I keep coming across all sorts of neat things. The site Zine Wiki uses a Wikipedia sort of interface to cover all sorts of zinester history. Topics range from zinester stalwarts like Aaron Cometbus to the less expected Billie Joe Armstrong from Green Day (there […]

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