April Flores Toy Gallery Exhibit

This video features Forrest Black’s interview with the beautiful muse April Flores and my interview with art show curator and contributing artist Carlos Batts and contributing artist Misha (who enjoyed one of the tickets won by MorningStar in our Sisters of Mercy giveaway). Forrest Black and April Flores discuss what it is like to be immortalized in a very unique way and Carlos Batts and Misha and I discuss their inspirations for their respective pieces and Carlos Batts’ vision for the show. The gallery was kind enough to let us shoot while they were closing up, after the huge crowd had dispersed, so it would be quiet enough to hear the interviews, although I think you can see them flicking the lights on and off once or twice to remind folks to exit the building and head out to Good Luck Bar. The video is directed by Forrest Black. Blue Blood theme music is by Tim Skold. The gallery show party portion of the video features many luminaries in attendance, including yours truly, photographer Steve Diet Goedde, memorabilia historian Matt Kennedy, director Ramzi Abed, writer Gram Ponante, photographer Michael Prior (all the way from Australia!), and many more.

So, basically, sex toy novelty art supply manufacturer Topco Sales wanted to try out making a BBW vulva mold and gorgeous April Flores seemed like the obvious choice. Thus was born the April Flores’ Voluptuous CyberSkin Love Toy in the Wildfire Celebrity Series. Desiree Duffie, Director of Marketing and Public Relations for Topco Sales, says that “When Topco Sales molded April to make her toy, we knew we were breaking new ground.” I think they are pleasantly surprised at just how much new ground April Flores and Carlos Batts brought to the table.

Curating this show, which featured eight celebrated artists working with plaster molds of April Flores’ nether regions, Carlos Batts says, “Creative interpretations of the female anatomy are fundamental to art. Specifically, this project was inspired by the irony of Jeff Koons’ work and the playfulness of the Dunny movement, as well as by April herself. In this exhibit, April provides the blank canvas on which each artist has the opportunity to express his or her vision.” Topco’s rep adds, “This show provides an inspired arena in which to play with such provocative issues as beauty, sexuality, intimacy, pleasure toys and more. I can’t wait to see each artist’s work.”

Artists whose work appeared in tonight’s gallery show include Axis, COOP, Jim Mahfood, Kime Buzzelli, Kozy & Dan, Misha, Small Paul, and of course Carlos Batts himself.

The La Luz de Jesus Gallery on Hollywood Boulevard played host to this unique and fun art show. You can contact the gallery to acquire a one-of-a-kind plaster art piece featuring April Flores’ parts or you can purchase a waterproof, phthalate free, and more multipurpose version in CyberSkin. April Flores says, “Celebrating my phenomenal new Voluptuous CyberSkin Toy with all these amazing artists in the flourishing LA art scene is a dream come true”


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