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Stéfan le Dû is a Genius

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The internet is generally, as Dave Chapelle called it, intolerable. But every once in a while, I come across something marvelous, which the internet has made possible. Earlier today, I saw an uncredited but awesome photo with a Star Wars Stormtrooper theme. I wish people would post proper attribution, but, using various image search tools, […]

SLC Punk Sequel Indie Go Go

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Okay, this could easily be one more thing destroying pop culture touchstones of my childhood. Like that Star Wars sequel with Jar Jar Binks and cutesy young Darth Vader or whoever etc. (I’d like to point out that I somewhat presciently said at the time that it looked like George Lucas was trying to get […]

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BlueBlood.com First Adult Site to Accept Bitcoin

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If you have Bitcoins, you can now get a full year VIP membership to BlueBlood.com and all the membership sites under the Blue Blood umbrella. The price is just one Bitcoin and the first hundred people to sign up during this promotion will also get a free Blue Blood T-shirt commemorating the Bitcoin early adoption. […]

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George Lucas Sells to Disney – This explains EVERYTHING about Star Wars

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When the Jar Jar Binks movie came out, like a lot of Star Wars fans, I was baffled. Darth Vader re-imagined as an unpleasantly cute kid? Everything looking so sterile? Special effects which were less than convincing? I confess that seeing Star Wars as a small child was a watershed moment in my life. I’m […]

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Google Honors Trekkies

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The Google doodle this week is a fun little interactive toy honoring Star Trek’s 46th anniversary. I liked to watch Star Trek when I was really super young. I liked the adventure and the alien planets and the aliens. I kind of hated the thing where Kirk would regularly seem to be having a relationship […]

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Like one fandom events like TwiCon?

Like one fandom events like TwiCon?

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Perez Hilton reports in Party Like a Vampire that convention booths are insufficient to entertain Twilight fans, so the series will be getting a large convention in Dallas dedicated to Twilight. The event is, perhaps not surprisingly, called TwiCon. It features a variety of comedy troupes who create respectfully humorous Twilight spoofs and a line-up […]

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